Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obedience Walkin, Spirit Talkin

A few days ago, I felt so defeated.  Sigh. :-(  Relationship woes. Career woes.  Family woes.  Just defeated.  So I just sat on my couch and cried.  After I finished, with tears still streaming down my face, I felt a strong desire (by the Holy Spirit, will understand as you keep reading) to rearrange/move/change my furniture in my living room.  So I did.  I got up and moved the couch, floor rug, a few plants and re positioned my television.  After I finished, many items had a brand new place. I even added other items (candles, pictures, etc.) from my bedroom to the living area space.  The feeling I felt once I absorbed the new positioning within my old space was simply calm and amazing, I immediately felt better.  It was actually kind of strange how good I felt.  The more I observed, the better I felt.  I mean it was so refreshing, and the feeling I felt was actually even better than the feeling I've always felt about the set up of the space...So I thanked God because the flow of the space presented a new kind of peace that I had not felt before.  And at that moment, I just needed some peace.  But God was really trying to give me a visual perspective of so much more.

Later that night, I woke up around 3 am, and just could not go back to sleep.  So I got up and prayed.  As I prayed, I thanked God for numerous things and not really thinking about it I also thanked Him for instructing me to rearrange/change my space.  What came out of my mouth next was nothing short of the supernatural, because what I said, I had not even realized I had said it until after I said and heard it come out of my mouth.  Basically, the Holy Spirit had just spoken to me through my own mouth, out loud.  As I simply prayed and thanked God, the Holy Spirit was giving me a rhema word using my own voice.  What I said, which actually was with a strong tone of conviction that I also didn't recognize until after I said it was, "thank you Lord for giving me the desire to rearrange my space, because you were showing me that you have changed and rearranged my situation.  You were confirming through my own actions that a rearrangement had been made, and it was good.  Just as my rearrangement had been pleasant and made me feel better, so would the changes that you have made."   I knew all of this was the voice of the Lord, and not my own thoughts and interpretations because I thought back to after I had changed my living area, how so very happy I was and couldn't really understand why...especially from right after having an international cry fest just moments before. :-)  I just remembered how I kept admiring and looking at the changes and acknowledging how pleasant and peaceful they had made me feel.

I honestly couldn't believe how the moving of furniture had me so excited as if something radical had happened.  But the Spirit explained later that something radical DID happen!!! Only it was something radical in the spirit realm, and that's why I was so extremely happy, because my spirit understood and comprehended it.  Actually, in the natural the Holy Spirit had quickened His peace over me, which led me into action to bring about a change in my atmosphere, that I would find to be very fulfilling...the very thing God has done with my situation.  He has quickened His peace over my circumstances, which led Him into action to bring about change in the atmosphere, that I will find to be exceedingly fulfilling.  My natural senses were full because I could see a pleasant visual rearrangement in my home, but my spirit was full because she could see a pleasant supernatural rearrangement in my life.  And which by faith, because of the God I serve, ("I am the Lord; in its time, I will do this swiftly." ~Isaiah 60:22) will come to pass in the natural.

What a mighty moment from my Heavenly Father!!!  Isn't He just simply amazing?!?!?

A few nuggets of to consider:

~When you feel defeated or have feelings of still and look for ways God may be trying to translate something to you in your own way of understanding

~Don't over/under estimate God's simplistic ability to speak to you, we know He is great but He can and will do something so small and simple to get your attention all the same

~God is always concerned about showing you He is there and is your refuge

~No matter how deep you believe you have fallen or how detrimental your issue is, God is always willing to pick you up from your dead place

~God not only wants to give you peace in your heart through lifting your spirits, but peace of mind by confirming His working power

~Changing your perspective will sometimes require the work of your hands, the desire to trust and the willingness to obey

~God will provide revelations specific to your life naturally and/or open and equipped to hear from Him on both side of the spectrum

~God has has quickened His peace over your circumstances, which has led Him into action to bring about change in your atmosphere, that you will find to be exceedingly fulfilling

Again yall, I felt defeated.... so God told me to move my furniture, I did...didn't understand it, but I felt better.  Then, I couldn't sleep... so God told me to pray, I did....where in His presence He then explained the reasoning by what I was told to do and why it made me feel better.  There was a purpose in the instructions, but the only way I could be able to understand what He would later reveal to me was if I saw exactly what He meant and felt what I felt, before He told me.  Bottom line, in order to feel where God is coming from, there has to be a move of action on our whatever way He is instructing us to move.  If God had just woke me up and revealed to me he was rearranging my situation, because I had not seen anything and was already obviously struggling with not seeing anything there would've been a strong possibility that I (with my stubborn self) would have either doubted or slightly brushed it off because I couldn't see the changes or experience the feelings of bliss when you go through a positive change.  He needed me to feel it, as the doer I am, in my own strength to be able to seriously interpret, trust and believe what He would later reveal.

There is always a purpose for God's instructions and for being obedient.  And often times, if not is significant to our own small personal good.  Listen to the voice of the Lord, but don't just listen....also be obedient to what He says or instructs you to do, even with the most simplest task. You won't understand or get from A to B without following instructions.  Or maybe you can, however it just may take forever or a lifetime...and who in the world wants that???

New wine skins. New wine. Obey. Change. Live.

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