Friday, November 19, 2010


One thing in life we as humans desire the most is to be loved and loved genuinely. We pursue personal relationships hoping that its "the one", and pray that our desires of feeling the love we hear expressed in our favorite secular love songs will manifest in those relationships. But I have a secret to share....well its not really a secret in general, just a secret that the enemy has tried and is often successful of keeping the sincere understanding from us. The secret is God IS Love.

Like I said, not a secret at all, but we have been deceived with understanding the detailed significance of that completely, because time after time we go on serious pursuits to "find" love. We stay in situations that are not healthy for us, because we think it's love. We deal with people and issues that they bring us because we are trying to stay true to what we believe is love. We go back to situations, or try to go back to situations after we have come to the conclusion that this isn't love, hoping that love will have mercy on us and miraculously show up through the hearts of wrong people because we decided to turn around and try it one more time. To be loved, is all we want. To "want" to be loved. STOP!

Psalms 23 starts off with..."The Lord is my Shepard, I shall NOT WANT." Exactly. What are we wanting for? Why are we wanting? And most importantly don't we know that we don't have to want? And going even further, we don't have to "want" love! Why? You guessed it...God is love. Sooooo not a secret though. But let me share the REAL secret. What the true secret is, is that the origin of dissatisfaction, unfulfilled expectations and feelings of sadness or loneliness is the same: a raging hunger for what you cannot see and do not fully know: GOD. Simply put, a true burning desire to be loved is nothing more than hard core evidence of the absence of a sincere intimate relationship with the one, true God. Hmph, tell the truth and SHAME the devil!

What your heart is seeking is not per se "love", yet your heart is seeking and yearning for an intimate relationship with God because GOD IS LOVE. God already loves you. God can't help but love you because that is what He is. LOVE. Therefore God already loves you, yes, let it soak are already loved. He loves you so much he gave His life for you. But not only that, He is seriously concerned about every detail of your life, large or small. If Jesus gave His life for you and for me, why would He not provide lesser things that are for our benefit? He has already done the ultimate task, anything less than that is really a given. He cares about the things you care about, the things I care about no matter how small we think they are. He loves you. He loves you right where you are, He loves me right where I am, He loves us unconditionally right where we are. He is burdened with your burdens, He is burdened with my burdens...He is severely burdened with our burdens. No question or doubt about it, He truly cares for us. He LOVES us.

He is always there ready to lead us on the path we should go. He didn't just love us in sacrifice, but He loves us in our daily life, our struggles, our fears and our mistakes. Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine. He loves you. He can love you. He will love you. Matter of fact, truth be told(about to shame that devil again)...He does, can and will love you BETTER than any man, woman or child ever could. So remember to not only reflect on our love for Him because of what He has done, but also His amazing love for us....BECAUSE!... of what He has done. God IS love and is ready to love you, unconditionally. So if you are ready to be loved, and loved the way you have dreamed, don't seek people, seek GOD. Don't go back to people, go back to God. Don't run after people, run after God. Don't give your heart to people, give it to God. Open your heart now so you can receive the love you've always desired, because He is waiting for you to willingly accept all the love He has specifically reserved for your soul....God IS Love. Receive it, because it is yours.