Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reflections of the Most High

This is an article I wrote about a year ago for an online teen girls magazine...Goddess Magazine. I was the contributor for the inspirational "Goddess Within" section. Thought I would share, and feel free to share with other young girls who are struggling with the understanding of how beautiful God truly created them.


I adore mirrors; most girls do. But I mean personally, I absolutely love mirrors. It is hard for me to not look in a mirror if I am near or around one. Mirrors are probably one of the most innovative inventions known to man, especially to women, because it allows us to really see ourselves exactly the way we look at that period and time. And if at that period of time we think we are pretty, it gives us what we believe to be the pretty truth. Now in addition to our pretty moments, more often man made mirrors also show us the natural, the flaws, and the things we may often times try to cover up. The blemishes and imperfections that sometimes can be less than desirable and maybe the things that we have been told are not pretty or cute. A man made mirror can be your friend, or your enemy. It could be your dream or your worst nightmare.

When we are all dolled up, we usually can't stay out of them. We love to look at our beautiful faces, perfectly manicured with all the trimmings of foundation, concealer, lipstick, and liner. And if looking in a large mirror, we twist and turn to see all the angles of the phenomenal completion of a trendy dressed woman. However, on the flip side, sometimes many of us including myself, have no desire to look in one if we fear what is staring back at us is less than what we desire. Needless to say, a man made mirror, at any given moment, can also give us what we believe is the ugly truth. In contrast, it is really not a truth but more so a man made perception. This is the fallacy of what a man made mirror can tell. We quickly forget how no matter what we may look like at whatever time, we are still a reflection of the most high.

God created us in His image...let me say that again...God created us in HIS IMAGE. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). A masterpiece sculpted by the master of perfection. You are beautiful beyond words. You are so special to God, that when He created you, He set you apart from all the rest. He loves you so much that you are more than a flock of sparrows to Him. (Luke 12:7) What a man made mirror shows, God does not even recognize. What a God made mirror shows, man does not want to recognize. Man does not want to recognize that God sees no flaws, even if and when they are present. We have been trained by worldly standards to think that what we look like is most important, and anything less than perfect is "damaged goods". This, young ladies, is an ultimate untruth. There is nothing on this great earth that God put His hand in and created that was damaged or contains imperfection in His eyes or by His standards.

So I ask you this, what mirror do you have? Whose mirror are you looking in? Is it man's mirror, or is it God's mirror? God's mirror honors no flaws or imperfections because you are perfect, lovely and unique to Him. God’s mirror does not give the reflection of a blemished fallacy because you are a specific reflection of Him. You are indeed a reflection of perfection. And remember, if you are a reflection of Him, the Most High; then well, by the grace of His majesty and dominion, you must be fly.

Song of Solomon 4:7:
7 You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way. (New Living Translation)