Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Believe That You Have Received

I am blessing God today for all the elevation and promotion I am seeing around me and my friends on Facebook. I can't count the times within the last few weeks i've sent congrats to my friends for new jobs, new job offers, multiple job offers, new opportunities, just overall increase and the like. Even though I believe that everyday is a season of harvest, as the word says "bless the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits"(Psalm 68:19)...I have to honestly acknowledge that we are definitely standing in the midst of a season of harvest. If you are sitting back saying, well what about me, I haven't gotten what I've been praying for, or I haven't received that call yet, things haven't changed in my life yet, nothing seems to be working yet...then maybe you haven't received it yet because you haven't received it yet. Let it marinate. Bless and thank God now and today to receive what is yours. Thank and praise Him now for what He has done, even if you can't see it yet. That is the art and law of receiving. Believing that you have received it when your situation says otherwise. If you still don't get it, here's food for thought: If you have the choice of believing God's word or your situation/circumstance, which would you choose to believe? If you choose your circumstance, then you have a little bit of spiritual housekeeping to do. And that is ok, because learning to completely trust God, I mean COMPLETELY trust his word is a journey and it takes courage, discipline and diligence, but you will get there. Just keep pressing, trust me, He will steadily increase your faith and lead the way.  If you choose God's word, then you are on the right track, so just keep the faith pace and endure til the end.  Make the decision to agree with God, He is waiting on you to believe that you have received, before you have received, so you can receive.