Thursday, June 27, 2013


Time. One of the most precious gifts God has bestowed upon us. And as with life, it is also governed through seed and harvest.  A common mistake many of us make in our use of time is investing it (whether idle or productive) into the wrong things, activities or people.  And because we've invested in something, subconsciously we will always expect a return.  However since we've invested in the wrong thing, whenever we are expecting that invested time and energy to return to us on a personal level, it usually doesn't come back, and if it does, it will always be less than what was initially invested.  Reason being is because we've made investments in things that aren't capable of producing a reciprocated or accelerated return.

Plant your seeds on fertile ground: in the hearts of your family, your real friends, the people who love and care about you the most, love in general.... the kind of ground that will produce a harvest of long term benefits.  Not quicksand: the things that will eventually bore and/or soon pass away like pseudo associations/friendships, money, social media, etc.  These things are tangible illusions and will only produce a temporary euphoric harvest and atmosphere, giving you the thought and feeling that it is something worth investing in.  Eve was deceived because she was intrigued, and the enemy has not changed his strategy yet. Learn to choose well, or it may take you a lifetime to even begin to make up for the losses.  Be mindful of the time you have.  Be mindful of the time you give.  Be mindful of where and how you spend your time, invest your time and deposit your time.  Be. mindful.  Because the account that holds your time will only generate the return of character it already possesses.  Make sure whatever you put your time and energy in will have the ability to reciprocate that same type of energy or beyond back into you... especially during the times you may need it the most, on a personal level, in your life.

The hardest thing in life, love or business is realizing you've made investments and invested so much time and effort in things or people whose character just isn't capable of producing a reciprocated return.  It is truly a hard pill to swallow, that can often result in heartbreak, anger, disappointment or worse.  But the good thing, being under God's grace and mercy is you live, you love and you learn.  And most times the lessons that hurt the most, are the lessons you learn the best.  So while you may walk away without what you initially thought you'd receive or even with what you initially had, you walk away with something just as or if not way more walk away with a new level of maturity.  And of course, an humble respect for your time, and others.